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Below are a few stories out of the countless satisfied clients I've trained over the last 15 years to be their best on and off the floor.  

​My name is Tudor Alexander and I help women unleash the Goddess within them through the transformative power of partnership dance training. ​

Learn to harness your strength, master your mind and connect to yourself in a healthy and challenging atmosphere.​

I will be your guide, your shoulder and your partner in this next exciting chapter of your life.

If you're ready to reinvent yourself, start a new journey or just reclaim the badass b*tch inside of you, this is your sign from the Universe to take action.​
Kerrie J.
10 months client
"Extreme patience and the ability to instruct in a way that someone with zero dancing experience can understand."
Aimee M.
2 years client
"I was introduced to the intoxicating world of dance 3 years ago. I had taken a dance lesson on a date and was told I should consider giving competitive dance a try. So, I scheduled a lesson with Tudor. One was all it took. 

I started dancing at a time when my whole world had been turned upside down. That hour and a half I spent with Tudor was all I looked forward to. Tudor taught me not only to love dance, but to once again love me, all of me. 

He pushed me. Forced me to step (way) out of my comfort zone. He has been my teacher, my counselor, my cheerleader and my friend. 

The skills I learned in my time with him far surpass how to dance. He taught me the power of being grateful and looking for the good, always. I will forever be grateful for the time I spent learning to dance through this amazing life. 

Thank you Tudor. What you have taught is invaluable. You will forever have my gratitude and love."
Kim J.
3 years client
"A few years ago, all I could think about was being a good mommy. Then, I started dancing with Tudor. 

Slowly but surely, I remembered I was a passionate woman with her own dreams. 

Tudor has helped me write a new story for my life. One where I am not a victim but a powerful artist capable of anything. Don’t be the person who thinks about changing their life, change your life. Dance with Tudor. "
Lee W.
3 years client
"Tudor is a great dance instructor. He took me from my first dance lesson to competing in the most prestigious ballroom competition at the Ohio Star Ball Championships. 

He adapts his teaching so as the student you get the most out of each lesson. He is also a great person with so many talents. You will get so much more than learning to dance when you work with Tudor."
Ina K.
3 years client
"I took both social and international Latin dance lessons with Tudor for over 3 years and got to know him very well. 

He is one of the kindest people I have ever met and is even more professional when it comes to teaching his students. Tudor pushed me to be better every day and it was very easy to express my creativity and be my true authentic self during our lessons. 

He help me to transform not only my dancing, but also my way of thinking about life's challenges and how to handle them better. 

I highly recommend Tudor. He always gives 110% and strives to make his students reach their true potential both on and off the dance floor."
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